AEON Topvalu Nuts

TOPVALU – Aeon house brand has been a trusted brand in Japan and many other countries. Topvalu offers more than 6,000 different products and currently there are some TOPVALU products on sale in Vietnam. With all TOPVALU products, AEON ensures responsibility and monitoring of all processes from planning, production to sales. Thereby, Aeon demonstrates the philosophy "Customers First" through 05 (years).
Kingness clearly identifies its common goal and ultimate destination is to provide clean and classy coffee to customers. Clarifying Kingness's goals helps employees understand what they need to do, how to work with the team to contribute to overall success. To help people be more open and easy to share, Kingess has always been involved in travel, charity, Christmas, New Year, etc. Kingness has brought people together, talk to understand each other to improve solidarity.