Louis Holdings

The predecessor of Louis Holdings is Bao Thu Bidico Joint Stock Company established in 2012, currently investing in two fields: Residential Real Estate and Industrial Real Estate. With the desire to bring to market the products - services according to international standards and new experiences with a completely new style of modern life, in any operating fields.
Project Info

Client: Louis Holdings

Sector: Investment /  Banking & Finance / Agriculture

Location: Vietnam

Time: 2021


Brand Identity

VIT is known as a dynamic company with the team of diverse profiles sharing an ultimate desire for making changes to Vietnam’s media & entertainment landscape. We pursue fresh concepts for television shows, social & community programs, new ideas for movie, TVC, Viral video production, synergy of television & digital, and innovation. Adding values to every single solution provided to the clients is our focus. And we set our long-term goal to become one of the most influential players in the media & entertainment industry of Vietnam.